Sunday, 5 July 2015

"Well, you said you was high class..."

...That was just a lie."

Sorry Elvis.

This next batch of Irish are further up the social scale to those shown previously. I am not quite sure they fit into the "Fianna" category, though they could, but do consider them to be more "Bourgeois Bonnachts" than "Brick Lane Bonnachts".

As a result of this spurious thinking, I have allowed myself to wander further towards my colour fixation with some brighter work. To tie them all in as a "unit" however, I have gone for red as my base shield colour.

The figures are again Crusader Miniatures and, again, were bought from Dave Thomas' cornucopia of a stand at WMMS back in March.

And talking of shows, we Wyrley Retinue members look forward to getting out on the road again in a week's time at the BARRAGE SHOW in Stafford - Sunday, 12th July, at Blessed William Howard School, Rowley Avenue, Stafford.

Turn off the M6 motorway at junction 13, head towards Stafford and it is about 3 miles from the junction in the vicinity of Rowley Park stadium.

In light of recent events, we probably will not be showing our "Malta" game, but will have something on offer as a demo that we hope you will like. Hope to see you there.


Eight figures, so two Fianna or one Bonnacht unit in SAGA terms. I attempted fancier shields than the Bonnachts too, to show a higher social status, but it is all very fanciful really as such things are rather debatable.

More pretty patterns, which I find quite therapeutic attempting. Just do not try it on a warm day with paint that is not quite liquid enough...