Friday, 28 August 2015

A Busy Summer

I have not been too busy with the blog over the past two months, but I have been busy nonetheless.

The Wyrley Retinue had planned to cover Verdun in some form for next year's game, with next year being the 100th anniversary and all. But Nephew Nick was lukewarm, not being a fan of anything post-musket, so alternatives were sought. As he had built several Perry plastic late 15th Century figures, and I already had a number of Swiss and Burgundian units, that is what we altered our plans to.

Now comes the unfortunate bit...
1) Nephew Nick has painted none of the Perry figures. He was going to do an Italian contingent for the Burgundians.
2) I checked out the games line-up for Partizan 2 on 6th September only to discover Dave Andrews (of Games Workshop fame) and his pals were doing........the Burgundian Wars!

"So what!" you cry.

These guys are serious players. Anyone who has seen any of their work either in the flesh or in various magazine features cannot help but be amazed by the quality of what they do.

Trepidation? Demoralisation? Inspiration?

All three, and more "-ations" besides no doubt!!!

I may trot along to Partizan for a look but I am certain we would have a lot to live up to with our game, so I am not sure if seeing it their work in the flesh is a good idea! To continue or not to continue, that is the question.


Anyway, here are a few work in progress shots of some of the stuff I have done over the Summer. There is a lot more which I will show in due course. I will even finish these!


The second of three large (32 figure) pike blocks I have painted this Summer, this one hailing from Berne. Mainly Perry plastics, but with Old Glory standard bearers and officer in blue hat (third rank centre) and an Essex drummer.

The Perry European Mercenaries box contains 40 figures including 4 command in full armour - the outer two figures here, with different weapon options.

Some of the basic infantry figures, with parts from each of the different boxed sets inter-changeable.

Front Rank halberdiers I have had lying around for a while. These will be married up with some of the original halberdier figures I painted years ago.

Close up

And again.

And some opposition made from the Perry Wars of the Roses infantry set. I needed eight archers to give me three units to "Pike & Shotte" rule requirements.

Close up

Something I found a little odd was the lack of quivers for their arrows. They come with little bundles of arrows and parts to show arrows thrust into the ground.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Gaelic Glee

Despite my penchant for the cruddier troop types, I still went a tad overboard on Fianna for my Irish forces. My excuse is that Dave Thomas was offering a deal and it would have been rude to leave a pack or two behind on the racks.

So, I bought both available packs of 8 figures with Danish Axes, giving me four lots of Fianna so equipped. These too are Crusader Miniatures and, I trust, will punch a fair few holes in many a foe as they swing and chop their way through life.

As usual, I indulged my passion for colour when painting these and patterned clothing was almost a given.

The Irish are done for the moment, but I will indulge in some horsemen sooner rather than later. One thought has occurred to me however. With the figures I have now bought and painted for my Dark Age Irish forces, I must have around 10pts' worth in SAGA terms.

That is verily a "Plethora of Plashers" to those of us who remember WRG 6th Edition Ancients, with the Irish able to spend points on the good, old plashed wood edge option. I imagine it saved a bit on buying and painting troops for those with Dark Age Irish armies...


The entire 16 figures, or four units of Fianna in SAGA terms. Two attack dice each so who cares about the reduced armour they have without a shield?

A patterned-cloth close up.