Thursday, 28 April 2016

"1,2,3. You're back in the room..."

You promise yourself you'd do more. You promise yourself you'd post more. You promise yourself the target of four posts minimum per month was a good achievable standard.

You fail dismally...

Finally, six or seven weeks after the event, I am finally posting some pics of the WMMS show held on 13th March at the Aldersley Leisure Centre near Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England, UK, Europe, The World, etc.

I can confidently remember the fact that I had a good day, spent too much and stood outside for a short while due to the obligatory fire alarm activation - three years on the bounce!!!

Enjoy the pics!


Our "Battle of Canny, c.1476" game in full, troops all laid out ready to go.

The Burgundian right flank

Some Swiss

My 11 year old daughter, Eleanor, joined us for her first ever outing to a wargames show and promptly smashed the opposition in the form of Occasional Wargamer Brother Kev. She has since gone on to play games of Saga and Frostgrave and won both of those with eased too! She took the game to the Burgundians whilst I fannied around blundering and failing command rolls and Nephew Paul just fannied around!

The Drum tavern was strangely quiet...

More Swiss.

Part of Sir John Middleton's command.

The Comte de Romont led the Burgundian right flank battle.

Troublesome Lorrainers, who danced back and forth failing command rolls most of the day whilst Daughter Eleanor thrashed her uncle to their right.

"Why are we wasting our time firing at skirmishers?" queried young Jean.

Nephew Nick's Italians actually stayed on the table this time.

"Erm, shouldn't we move the fence?" queried Willy the Walloon.

A rather ragged line of crossbowmen.

The clash in the village.

This game was put on by the Derby club. I think it is part of Blenheim.

A game set around the Russian destruction of the German allies around Stalingrad. I do not remember who staged this game.

I don't know who did this lovely WW1 game either...

Shrewsbury's game with boats, 18th Century again.