Sunday, 2 July 2017

Oops, I did it again...

Hello again.

Last weekend, on the hunt for my usual monthly-published reading matter in a local newsagents, I happened upon the magazine pictured below.

"White Dwarf" is a magazine I have not purchased regularly for some considerable time and the whole GW genre divides gamers like no other...

I remember the first issue I bought was number 61, though I have acquired earlier issues since, and I bought it for some time thereafter, month after month, then broke off, then started taking it again probably twenty years ago for perhaps another five+ years. The last issue I actually bought prior to this one covered the re-release of "Bloodbowl", as I thought it might inspire me to buy that game again. It did not.

So, what made me buy this one?

A new edition of "Warhammer 40K". Neat. My copy of the last edition is still in its shrink-wrap!

A nice cover picture? Same as always, I suspect.

But wait. "Look again," I told myself. The left hand side of that Space Marine's face is rotting, decaying, blighted by the disease of Chaos. Blighted by the touch of Nurgle...

I built myself a "Death Guard" army around fifteen years ago. Hm.

"Take a look inside," I mused.

The box contents did not disappoint!

The eye-candy did not disappoint either!!!

PHWOAR!!! The usual two armies! The usual plethora of other bits! Some very interesting changes to aspects of the core rules, notably to simplify the multitude of special rules I always forgot! AND ONE OF THE ARMIES IS......

DEATH GUARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not just bog standard Plague Marines though. Oh no. There is a "Foetid Bloat-drone." (???). There is a "Lord of Contagion", a "Noxious Blightbringer", a "Malignant Plaguecaster", some "Poxwalkers"...

AND SOME PLAGUE MARINES!!! (And some Imperial tat...)

So, with a BIG birthday less than a month away, do I buy it?
At slightly less than £100, do I buy it?
With so many half finished and not yet started projects already to hand, do I buy it?
With the final instalment of second daughter Becky's trip to Mexico this year to pay in a week or two, do I buy it?


And I bought the "Index: Chaos", which details every single Chaos option across the range for every budding megalomaniacal despot.

Yet, even with all this, I must end on a sad note. No one wants to wrap this up for me for the aforementioned BIG birthday, so I am forced to open it early...

AND, the "Death Guard" can no longer have the Terminator unit I so lovingly scratchbuilt/ converted for them those several years ago. They are no longer allowed in the new army list options for that Chaos Legion.

But I am still a VERY HAPPY BUNNY!!!

It is a long time since I read a copy of "White Dwarf". I may yet return to reading more...


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  1. Does this mean we have to start playing 40K again? (or at least, add it to the list of games we keep meaning to play, but never do...)